Meet at The Met: Jan and The Wyndam Sisters

Meet at The Met is a weekly series highlighting one person’s favorite piece at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. This week’s amateur museum guide is Jan Eldredge of Cody, WY.

I’ve known Jan my entire life (full disclosure: she’s my mom) and ever since I can remember, her favorite painter has been portrait artist John Singer Sargent. So I wasn’t surprised when she guided me up to the European Art galleries and Sargent’s painting of The Wyndam Sisters.

Jan: I just think this painting is so beautiful. And I love how he (Sargent) gives you an impression of their personalities.

Monger: I know! I love the expressions of the sisters. The youngest one looks like a flirt.

Jan: Oh yes. But they’re all very genteel.

Monger: The interplay of dark and light is really nice– having the subjects in white makes them really stand out against the shadowy background.

Jan: Mmm. It amazes me how abstract the brushstrokes are when you get up close to a Sargent painting. How does he do that? You can see how few brush strokes it took to do the fabric and somehow our brain turns it three-dimensional.

Monger: Practice.


One Comment on “Meet at The Met: Jan and The Wyndam Sisters

  1. Cara Stein says:

    Love this post! I never noticed how abstract those brush strokes are before, and it really is amazing! I’ll be looking forward to more in this series–it’s cool to get up close with one person’s favorite like this.

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