New York City Police Museum

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day this week, I am visiting three museums with Irish ties: NYC Police Museum, Firefighter Museum, and Merchant’s House Museum.

Early Monday morning I trekked down south of Wall Street to the New York City Police Museum. Seeing it shrouded in scaffolding and construction nets, I momentarily feared it would be closed. But no! A kindly older gentleman behind a desk took my money and suggested I begin on the third floor. I was greeted by a series of slick, picture-laden exhibits on recent police policy changes complete with charts to illustrate success. I don’t recall specific numbers but I had the impression that crime has dropped A LOT in the past decade. Neat.
There was a room dedicated to 9/11 artifacts (charred police firearms pulled from the wreckage of the towers, documents, pictures) and a room of the badges of officers killed in the line of duty.
The second floor featured a photography exhibit of female officers in the 1970s, paintings of 9/11 responders by court reporting artist Aggie Kenny, a full-sized jail cell, and vintage weapons. The weapons were interesting as was the description of the pre-fingerprint mug shot process instituted in New York by Teddy Roosevelt. The first floor had a timeline of New York Police history, some ol

d uniforms, and a couple of motorcycles. Also a gift shop and “Children’s Discovery Zone.”
All in all, an enjoyable museum– but I wish that I had gone with a friend. For w

hatever reason, I had a difficult time

engaging with the exhibits. Maybe because the third floor mostly feels like a commercial for the NYPD bookended by tragic events.

New York City Police Museum
100 Old Slip
Adults: $8, Students/Seniors/Children over 2: $5, Service Members: Free
Monday-Saturday: 10am-5pm, Sunday 12pm-5pm
Great for families and friends interested in the NYPD


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