Karrie Jacobs’ Review of Bye Bye Kitty!!

Bye Bye Kitty!!, an exhibition “repudiating” the genre of Japanese cuteness embodied by Sanrio’s Hello Kitty, opens today at the Japan Society.

Design Critic Karrie Jacobs writes on her blog Itinerant Urbanist:

What might have been just another curatorial conceit a week ago, now has an eerie resonance.  And it’s not just the title.  The show opens with an epic painting by Makato Aida called “Ash Color Mountains” which shows a rolling landscape made up of the corpses of salarymen.   And one of the most astonishing pieces in the show, a cut paper mural byTomoko Shioyasu, is called “Vortex” (see above) and can be viewed as a giant wave.


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