Egyptian Cobra Loose in Bronx museum!!!

That’s right folks, an Egyptian Cobra escaped from its enclosure at the Bronx Zoo on Friday and is now chillin somewhere in the World of Reptiles building, says a zoo official.

Yeah. Weird, right? I bet you forgot that Zoos are MUSEUMS!

According to the New York Times, we don’t need to worry too much about our scaly friend:

A native of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, the Egyptian cobra, or asp, can be deadly. But it usually preys on toads and birds, not humans. Its venom can quickly cause respiratory failure, and legend has it that Cleopatra used the asp’s toxins to commit suicide.

But experts said cobras are generally averse to human contact and unlikely to bite unless they feel their lives are in peril. In this case, the snake’s small size would make it even less deadly because its glands are smaller, said Rulon W. Clark, a herpetologist at San Diego State University.

“The actual danger in a situation like this is very low,” Mr. Clark said. “These aren’t animals that view people as meals.”

So, yes, this whole cobra episode is relevant. And its also very funny.


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