Motion filed against haters of the Barnes Foundation move

Hey remember yesterday when Nicolai Ouroussoff, architecture critic of the New York Times was like “the new Barnes Foundation is going to suck!”  Yeah? Well, a lot of other people agree with him.

Way back in February, a group called Friends of The Barnes Foundation watched the 2009 documentary “The Art of the Steal” and based on all the shady biz, asked the judge who first approved the museum’s relocation to re-open the case. You can read all about all that here.

But the latest word is that the museum has filed a motion against new legal proceedings.
The article from says:

In addition to dismissing the petitioners’ claims of “new evidence,” the Barnes, in its objections, again maintains that the groups and individuals lack standing to intervene. Under previous rulings in this case and others by Pennsylvania’s highest court, the Office of the Attorney General is the only party that holds that standing.

In response to those comments, Sam Stretton, the attorney representing the Friends of the Barnes Foundation and other petitioners, said the argument is rather circular; persons who wanted to raise questions about the move have not been given standing because the Attorney General’s Office has that role, but they have not been able to present information about its alleged conflict because they don’t have standing.


Its just like Judge Judy!!

…Only more art.


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