There’s going to be a museum about FOOD!!!

courtesy of

That’s right folks! Yesterday the as yet unbuilt Museum of Food and Drink (why is their website so ugly?) had a delectable benefit luncheon to raise funds and awareness.

Now I know what you’re thinking: Isn’t a museum of food and drink, like, a restaurant? NO IT IS NOT!

According to Eater, the museum will be so much more:

· Exhibitions: There will be rotating exhibitions, many with tasting elements, focusing on areas like the street food of different cultures; in depth looks at specific products over time and geography (American country ham, heirloom tomatoes, etc.); the history of American coffee; cereal and a live demonstration of how it’s made; eating on the battlefield; 1950’s Food; Soda from the 17th century to today; how space food has changed the restaurant industry; and what we can learn about famine from the lessons of the Dust Bowl.

· Classes: Classes, workshops, guided tastings, lecture series with food scholars, chefs, and writers, instruction for elementary and high school teachers.

· Retail: Foods, cookbooks, tools, gifts.



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