Improv Everywhere at The Met! LOVE

In a recent post, Nina Simon over at Museum 2.0 mentioned the troupe’s latest mission: an autograph signing for King Phillip IV in front of the recently restored portrait by Velazquez. They were eventually asked to leave but the patron response was very positive.

From Improv Everywhere’s website:

We got a wide variety of reactions from the patrons in the museum. Some stared bewildered, some laughed, some took photos, some wouldn’t stop asking questions. I’m not sure if we actually fooled anyone, at least not anyone who took the time to do the math at how old someone depicted in a Renaissance painting would have to be. Yet with my suit and the King’s costume, we did look pretty professional. We looked like we were supposed to be there. I overheard a few people guessing he was a modern day king, a descendant of the king in the painting.

Check out the full story and some great photos of the project here.
Can we please get more guerrilla historical interpreters in our museums!? PLEASE!


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