Is the Creation “Museum” a REAL Museum?

Today, one of my favorite skeptic blogs, Pharyngula, delved into the museum business with a post on an article on  The Creation Museum in Curator: The Museum Journal. And while I’m sympathetic the opinion that a the CreMu is an illegitimate and ill-conceived institution, I’m not sure I agree that it isn’t a museum simply because it has a single viewing path and no behind-the-scenes storage or lab facilities.

Nevertheless, the post itself was an interesting read.

Go to any other respectable museum in the country, such as the Science Museum of Minnesota (which does have a bit of a pop-science, entertainment quality to it), and you can find extensive collections and research facilities behind it. The part that most people visit is the public relations side, with nicely laid out exhibits and explanatory material and hands-on elements. Behind the scenes, you’ll find large rooms with shelves everywhere and buckets and barrels and crates full of specimens, the smell of formaldehyde and alcohol, and spaces full of beetle larvae gnawing away at carcasses. Not at the Creation “Museum”, though!


2 Comments on “Is the Creation “Museum” a REAL Museum?”

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