Google Gives $12 million to 7 Science Museums!

Google just announced today that they will be writing checks to 7 science museums in the US and UK including the New-York based Museum of Math and the New York Hall of Science.

Google Chief Technology Advocate, Michael T. Jones, explained the motivations behind Google’s decision in a post on the Googleblog this morning:

I touched the moon. President Kennedy, NASA, and a museum put the rock that inspired my boyhood imagination into my hands and made me a “museumophile.” Since then, I’ve savored Wenninger’s polyhedra and the evolution of the astrolabe in London, analyzed Konrad Zuse’s pioneering computers in Munich, seen the original Earth globe in Vienna, toured a coal mine in Chicago, learned the secret of Samurai swords and measured a 50-foot tapeworm in Tokyo, learned the origins of oceanography in Monte-Carlo, studied Tycho Brahe’s astronomical apparatus in Beijing, loved a Foucault pendulum and Ames window in San Diego, viewed a remote-control fly in Langley, winced at the Siamese twins’ conjoined liver in Philadelphia and admired Cleopatra’s eyeliner bottle in San Jose. What an amazing journey through human creativity—all thanks to museums!

Museums do more than entertain and teach. I’ve spoken with many Googlers who cite their own experiences in science museums as a positive influence on their decision to become engineers. By transforming the curious learners of today into the innovators of tomorrow, museums perpetuate both creativity and accomplishment.

Museummonger couldn’t agree more!


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