Iran defriends The Louvre

Years ago, Iran and the Louvre formed a friendship based on a mutual love of art. They planned on trading awesome artifacts and exhibits now and then, just like the time I brought my entire Barbie collection over to Sarah Byers’ place because she had a Barbie Dream House and it was just more fun. But someone was too busy with croissants and striped shirts to hold up their end of the bargain… and it wasn’t Sarah Byers.

The AP reports the Head of Tehran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organisation, Hamid Baghai, as saying:

“This organisation as of today will cease its cooperation with The Louvre for violating its commitment.”

“Based on our agreement, this museum should have sent us some artefacts in order to set up an exhibition here but for unknown reasons they have not,” he added without elaborating.

“In the cultural field, we do not accept that European countries look down on us,” Baghai said, adding that “in this field the centres who carry the title of being scientific but act politically should be confronted.”

The dude is serious. And he totally isn’t inviting the Louvre to his end-of-school mixer next week either.


3 Comments on “Iran defriends The Louvre”

  1. Jan says:

    Who was too busy with croissants and striped shirts?

  2. Allison says:

    I think whoever was in charge of lending Iran pieces from the Louvre needed to get something done at the Prefecture. Years later, he’s still wasting away in the waiting room.

    This should be interesting, as the Louvre is doing a huge, highly publicized renovation of their Islamic Arts area…the Dream House is nothing without Barbies to use the elevator.

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