Catalogue For Upcoming McQueen Exhibition Already Making Waves

Mannequins that are really live models that are dressed up like mannequins? New Yorkers just can’t seem to wrap-dress their minds around photographer Solve Sundsbo’s wacky concept for the “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty” catalogue. The catalogue is accompanying an exhibition of McQueen’s garments set to open at The Met on May 4th and features McQueen models painted and digitally altered to resemble mannequins.

Is the doll-ification of women in fashion really so surprising that both Racked and The New York Times felt the need to write about it? I doubt it. Rather, the interest is that such a racy stunt would be in a museum catalogue.

The NYT reveals the real revolution:

It was a rare opportunity for the museum to photograph the clothes it will exhibit on a live model because most of the collection belongs to the McQueen archives, rather than the Met’s Costume Institute, which prohibits a garment from ever being worn after its acquisition.

Thanks for the tip, Laura!


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