Houston Upset to not get Shuttle

Tuesday, when NASA announced the new homes of three decommissioned space shuttles, one name was glaringly absent: Houston.
(and for you gloating New Yorkers out there, in Texas its pronounced H-yew-ston, not How-ston)

Home of the Johnson Space Center, many Houston-ites believed their claim to shuttle fame was in the bag. So naturally they’re freakin’ pissed! From the International Business Times:

“It is unthinkable that the home of human space flight would not represent the ideal home for a retired orbiter. I specifically asked NASA Administrator (Charles) Bolden to follow the law, which stipulates priority should be given to communities with strong historical ties to NASA, and in particular the shuttle program, “she [SENATOR Kay Hutchinson] added.

In a statement, Brady called the decision tawdry politics. He said despite the failures of President Obama’s administration, the decision didn’t diminish the role Houston played in the space shuttle program.

The anger from Texas-based politicians wasn’t just on one side of the political spectrum. Houston’s mayor Annise Parker, a Democrat, also criticised it. “This is certainly disappointing, but not entirely unexpected as the Administration has been hinting that Houston would not be a winner in this political competition. I am disappointed for Houston, the JSC family and the survivors of the Columbia and Challenger missions who paid the ultimate price for the advancement of space exploration.”

Can’t we just let them have the space station as a consolation prize? So fancy!


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