Jackie Robinson Museum planned for Varick Street

According to MLB.com, The Jackie Robinson Foundation is moving forward with plans to build a new museum dedicated to the legendary ball player.

Robinson famously changed sports and American society forever when he broke baseball’s color barrier on April 15, 1947, and he will be remembered throughout the country Friday on the 64th anniversary of his historic feat. The museum dedicated to his memory is likely a couple years away, but the space is already accounted for and the rest is in the works.
Della Britton Baeza, president and chief executive officer of the Jackie Robinson Foundation, said that $1 million has been raised for the project in the last six months and estimated that construction could begin next spring.

“We’re back in full-throttle fund-raising,” Britton Baeza said. “It was a tough economy the last couple years, but the truth is we’re as excited about it as ever and it looks like we are going to be able to start the program charretting, which is essentially think-tank sessions around projects like a museum or a special exhibition. We’re now looking at some of the programming options, because that obviously will affect the architectural piece. So we’re heading toward the goal line.”


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