Museo Soumaya lookin’ good!

Want to design a daring and beautiful and expensive museum? Then you might want to marry the daughter of the richest man in the world.
Fernando Romero, architect of the new and flashy Museo Soumaya in Mexico City just happens to bethe son-in-law of the museum’s founder Carlos Slim Helú a.k.a. Mr. Moneybags. But that doesn’t mean Romero just slacked off. Although he did invoke some popular museum architecture motifs. Jill Fergus writes in the NYT Style Mag:

The building resembles a trapezoid in motion, which Romero, who has worked at Rem Koolhaas’s firm, covered in 16,000 hexagonal aluminum plates that reflect sunlight, most beautifully at sunset. The structure also cribs features from some of the world’s top museums, including a grand Met-like exterior staircase that has already become a place to meet and snap photos, and stark, all-white interiors that recall New York’s Guggenheim — you take the elevator to the top floor and descend via ramps.


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