Legislation introduced to give Shuttle to Houston

Yowza! Texas is still pissed about not being invited to the space shuttle party last Tuesday when NASA announced that its 3 shuttles would go to the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, California Science Center, and Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The Smithsonian would then give New York’s Intrepid Air, Sea, and Space Museum its old, non-orbiting Enterprise.

Claiming that the prototype shuttle was given to New York for political reasons rather than historical or cultural relevance, Texas shuttle-nuts are rallying for a recount. 18 members of the state’s congressional delegation wrote a letter to NASA on Tuesday saying that Houston deserved a shuttle more than everyone else and asking to review NASA’s decision-making process. Five of the letter’s six questions relate to why the Enterprise was awarded to the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum. Several are obviously rhetorical. The letter ends with a threat:

 “If there is no rational explanation based on definable factors for the choice of the Intrepid museum in New York City, and that the transfer of the Enterprise to that location will cost significantly more than a transfer to the Johnson Space Center in Houston, we will do everything in our power in Congress, including legislation to prevent funding of the transfer, to stop this wasteful decision. ”

Representative Jason Chaffetz (Republican) of Utah has already introduced a bill titled “To provide for the disposition of the retiring Space Shuttles” that would take New York’s shuttle away and give it to the California Science Center and give the one awarded to the California Science Center to Houston. Seriously? Our politicians have nothing better to do like, you know, PASSING THE BUDGET!?

Besides, I’m really looking forward to seeing the Enterprise raft down the Hudson on its way to the Intrepid.


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