Savage Beauty has everyone freaking out!

If I see one more gushing post about The Met’s exhibition on Alexander McQueen, Savage Beauty, I think I will scream. Without a fancy press pass like all the other journalists, Museummonger is feeling just a smidgen left out. Especially after reading things like:

From Culturegrrl:

I was wowed by the coup de théâtre that is Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty at the Metropolitan Museum (May 4-July 31). The installation was more inventive and inspired than almost anything I’ve seen pulled off at this venerable institution.

From Racked:

The exhibition’s breathtakingly brilliant designs and its thoughtful curation make for the most impressive museum fashion exhibition we’ve ever seen. The show is so dramatic that at the press preview, we overheard a jaded, burly, macho cameraman say, “Wow.”
“I miss him terribly, not only as a person but as a designer,” said a visibly emotional Madonna, who was wearing an icy blue gown by Stella McCartney.

Via CBS News:

“I think the fashion business is a little bit dull without him and I loved his provocative punk rock attitude. I think his designs were brilliant. I think he was brilliant. And I hope he’s having fun wherever he is right now,” she said.



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