Thank you, Goldberger!

Jerry Saltz’s assertion last week that the American Folk Art Museum failed because of its architecture incited an outpouring of dissent in the culture community. New Yorker architecture critic Paul Goldberger has joined with defenders of the building in a recent blog post:

To the extent that people may not want to go to a small museum that is narrow and tight and sits in the shadow of another museum a hundred times its size, the building hasn’t helped matters. But it wasn’t the architects’ idea to put the museum on a too-small site down the block from MOMA. It was their clients, the museum’s board, who made those decisions. Architects can only work with what they are given. Williams and Tsien were given very little to work with, and produced what is, for all its troubles, a small masterpiece. It would be a devastating loss if it were to disappear.

Thank you! Goldberger also points out that the two anti-Folk-Art-Building critics, Jerry Saltz (New York Mag) and Roberta Smith (NY Times), just happen to married. Perhaps their opinions of the 53rd street building are best left at the breakfast table.


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