New Frick Director

The Met's Petrie Court, one of my favorite places to sketch

Bruce Wardropper, Chair of European Sculpture and Decorative Arts at The Met, will leave his post to become the new director of The Frick Collection, located just a few blocks south of his current job.

Artdaily quotes him saying:

“Since my earliest years as an art history graduate student in New York, The Frick for me has represented the highest standards of art display, research, and programs as well as the ideal institutional size in which to experience them. Decades later, it maintains this exemplary role, while expanding an impressive exhibition program, producing a rich body of publications and educational offerings, and furthering the Library’s already rich research initiatives and resources. With all of these observations in mind, I embrace the opportunity to join the Frick as its Director, all the more so, as I have found great satisfaction over the years in nurturing and supporting the activities of departmental and museum colleagues and in serving the larger agenda and mission. I look forward to the task of maintaining institutional excellence and the challenge of renewing its programs.”

Blah blah blah. We get it. He likes The Frick.
Let’s just hope that comment about “the ideal institutional size” holds true. Moving from a 1.6million square foot museum to the comparatively itty bitty Frick should be interesting.

Giovanni Bellini (c. 1430/1435–1516), St. Francis in the Desert, c. 1475-78, oil on poplar panel, 49 x 55 7⁄8 inches, The Frick Collection, New York


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