Kerfuffle over 9/11 Museum Admission fees continues


photo via Archpaper

The New York Post calls the proposed $20 admission fee “grotesque” and criticizes Mayor Bloomberg for not balking at the price during his weekly radio show, concluding:
“All of this could have been avoided had a more modest — dare we say more appropriate — project been undertaken to begin with.”

The piece unfairly(?) compares the $8 million price tag of the Vietnam War Memorial with the estimated $1 billion spent constructing the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. First off, let me just say that I think the Vietnam Memorial is one of the most powerful and moving edifices designed for the commemoration of life and death and it beautifully captures a significant era in our nation’s history. But comparing a 250 foot stone wall along the National Mall with a 16 acre plaza/museum/commercial and cultural center in the center of downtown Manhattan on the site of a major unplanned demolition and mass grave is a little ridiculous. Yes, $1 billion is a lot of money. Yes, a simpler design might potentially hold more gravitas. But do I think a simpler design would have cost that much less? No.

I also don’t think we’ll actually have to pay the $20 admission fee.


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