Delta = Official Airline of the Whitney Museum

Image Courtesy of Unbeige

Museummonger’s Bullshit Meter went off this morning as she perused the press release describing Delta’s acquisition of the Whitney Museum of American Art into its “sponsorship portfolio.” Select patrons of the World’s Most Admired Airline (yeah, thats a real thing) will now receive complimentary tickets to the Whitney (on the first Friday of every month). wooo.

Whitney Director Adam D. Weinberg attempted to justify the financial arrangement by saying:

“As the Whitney is one of the world’s foremost contemporary art museums, travel is essential to us. Delta will help us to fulfill our mission to collect, present and interpret the art of the United States in the broadest global context, while raising the Whitney’s profile for countless travelers and art enthusiasts the world over.”

Oh! Look! Hidden at the bottom of the Press Release:

Delta’s partnership includes travel for the architecture, design and building teams which will help the Whitney develop, build and launch the new downtown space.

Heaven forbid Renzo Piano from paying for his own airfare.

Does no one else think that affiliation with Delta cheapens the Whitney’s culture cred? I hope they’re getting a chunk of change for this.


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