MoMA Tower Take 2!

Courtesy of the New York Observer. Thnx!

Two years ago, when architect Jean Nouvel unveiled his plans for another MoMA-sponsored commercial tower, the City Planning Commission sent him back to the drawing board. Their request: something… um… shorter? The Empire State Building must not have to compete with such arty riffraff for primacy of the skyline. Obvi.

Nouvel presented adjusted plans last week and the CPC seems to be cool with it. He did not, however, release images of the new structure, forcing the civically-minded New York Observer to ferret them out with a public information request. Slideshow!

MoMA Tower is 200 feet shorter than originally planned and has lost some of the lanky-ness of the initial drawings. Views of the 53rd Street side still have the “Folk Art Museum Notch” where Nouvel designed around the 4-story metal-clad Williams and Tsien Building before the MoMA acquired it. I would be a little surprised if they did not tear it down but maybe MoMA/Nouvel has more heart than I give them credit for.

Only time will tell.


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