Yays and Grrs: Museum News, Briefly

via the NYT

Yay! The Met is having a great year–  awesome Alexander McQueen Exhibition, successful launch of their new website and now the grand re-opening of their Islamic Art wing. Watch a 3-minute movie about it.
Read the NYT review!

Rather than presenting Islamic art as the product of a religiously driven monoculture encompassing centuries and continents, the Met is now — far more realistically — approaching it as a varied, changing, largely secular phenomenon, regionally rooted but absorptively cosmopolitan, affected by the intricacies and confusions of history, including the history that the art itself helped to create.

Grr. The Brooklyn Museum is following the MoMA/Met precedent and raising its suggested donation price from $10 to $12. At least admission is only suggested. But still. NYT quotes Arnold L. Lehman, the Brooklyn Museum’s director, as saying “We wanted to do this as modestly and cautiously as we could.” Read more here.

Yay!Carsten Höller: Experience” opened this week at the New Museum. A SLIDE!!! A GIANT POOL!! Read the NYT review here.

Grr. Gothamist reports that the City’s Health Department has forbidden visitors to “Carsten Höller: Experience” from getting naked and swimming in the pool as intended. AND they’re now saying that the slide doesn’t meet safety requirements. Grownups suck.

But Yay! for the Health Department is doing it’s job.


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