noun: a building or place where works of art, scientific specimens, or other objects of permanent value are kept and displayed.

noun: a dealer in or trader of a commodity (usually used in combination): fishmonger.

By my last count, New York City has at least 86 amazing museums. It is my goal to visit all of them and encourage you to do the same.

I want to value the places that keep our culture’s objects of value.

This blog will discuss museum architecture, museum objects, art, exhibition design, museum news, and the feeling one gets standing in front of Monet’s water lilies. Museums are places that transport us through time, space, and emotion.


Barbara Eldredge was raised by wolves in a diorama at the American Museum of Natural History. She is currently a Design Criticism MFA candidate at the School of Visual Arts.


3 Comments on “About”

  1. Doug says:

    When are you gonna get an RSS feed?
    Wordpress can handle it!
    Email is so early 21st century!

  2. Doug says:

    Nevermind. I’m following you with google reader.

  3. Joey The Bat says:

    Ms. Barbara….as you wander about museums in the greater metropolitan area, can you add a task to your existing study? In the fall of 2011, I am producing the 2nd annual Joey The Bat Art show, and I need to make proper Museum Art Labels for the 125-ish works…but I am not sure of the best way to convey the information. Can you take notes/photos of the labels that most accurately and directly convey the details of the work/artist to the viewer? I like a cross section of styles to choose from, but I also want to know what appeals most to you!
    Thank you! -Joey The Bat

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