Design Museums and Firearms: It’s Time We Had “The Talk”

Barbara Eldredge from D-Crit on Vimeo.

Come to Eventually Everything: The 2012 D-Crit Conference on Wednesday, May 2nd and watch me talk about guns, design museums, and morality.


Special Podcast: Why are there no guns in MoMA?

In my life outside of Museummonger, I am an MFA student in the Design Criticism department at SVA. My master’s thesis will be about the place of firearms in contemporary design discourse (or lack thereof). I was inspired to investigate this issue after leaning that the Museum of Modern Art has an unofficial yet unbroken policy forbidding the acquisition of firearms into their design collection.

As a sort of teaser for my master’s thesis, I interviewed a few design experts and created an audio podcast on the subject. You can listen to it here:
Why are there no guns in MoMA?